Ready or not, here come the Knicks


After having put behind the five month long lock out, the National Basketball Association is ready to tip off as Santa gets ready to hibernate for the season. In all, the league will give its fans, who have been waiting for so long for this, the chance to see five games today, including the New York Knicks hosting the Boston Celtics, in a re-match of last season’s first round playoff series. While most will be watching the game on TNT, the lucky ones that will head to the mecca of basketball will do so taking a hefty hit to their wallet. From the web site TiqIq this is going to be the most expensive basketball game of the day, with the seats going at an average of $ 516.09, which is almost five times the cost of Clippers/Warriors, which is going for $ 104.95.

This is the first of the five games on tap today, with the starting time being at noon. With the Knicks, which you can check out the FanSided blog Buckets over Broadway for more info, having brought in big man Tyson Chandler the team which calls Madison Square Garden home has its own version of the “Big 3”, but will it be enough to take down a Celtics squad, which FanSided follows with Hardwood Houdini, that knows to be at its last run with the current roster? However, if you have been reading this blog, you know that I go looking for something that isn’t the in spot light, so for me it’s not about the Big 3, but about the little one, or the point guard for each team.

For the visiting team Rajon Rondo has been talked about being traded as much as any other player in the league this year, as well as knowing that most of his team mates are getting older you have to wonder if either of those things have weighed on him. For the team from the Big Apple the question is who is going to be the floor general for head coach Mike D’Antoni? From the depth charts it seems that the Knicks will be going with two year pro Toney Douglas, with the back ups at the position being players with 12 or more years in the league in Mike Bibby and Baron Davis.

For the last four years the Knicks and the rest of the Atlantic Division have watched the Celtics take home the top spot. If the team is winning and are keeping pace with the rest of the playoff teams the rotation at the point might just work fine, but if things were to faulter, how long will it take for the head man to pull the younger guard for one with much more experience? This might be seen in the first game as the Knicks are a five point favorite in this one and I doubt that any New York fan wants to see the team begin the season with a loss to the team that swept them out of the playoffs last season. Let’s also remember that while the NFL is at its peak the New York media will nit pick anything and everything, including if the Knickerbockers are not handling the point guard spot properly. Santa Claus may I have brought us basketball back, but for the Knicks it might take the Easter Bunny to show us if New York has been naughty or nice!