There was a game in Syracuse last night


At the Carrier Dome last night there was a Top 10 match-up between ninth ranked Florida (5-2) and third ranked Syracuse (8-0), yet the focus seemed to have been on the post game press conference and what SU head coach Jim Boeheim had to say about the ever expanding story of Bernie Fine rather than the game itself. Now, I am all for getting to the bottom or the “truth” of this story, I am all for the ones that did wrong getting punished, and most of all I am all for the little people having the same rights as the big ones. What I am not into, not one bit, is the fact that ESPN is reporting this as though they have done nothing wrong! Well, they, along with the Syracuse based newspaper Post-Standard did plenty wrong, and if the paper thinks their so black and white apology is going to be enough, they are mistaken.

If you have watched SportsCenter on the World Leader in Sports last night or today they have played the apology that the Orange coach gave over and over. Which was the right thing to do, as I am one of the people that believes Boeheim did go overboard with his initial comments. However, what I have not seen, on Outside the Lines, the same show that reported about Bernie Fine, or on SportsCenter, or anywhere else on ESPN, is why the biggest sports media outlet decided that it was their right to keep that tape from the hands of the proper authorities, or the college itself?

I have a hard time understanding why I have to watch people that backtracked, releasing the tape just now and not when they first had it in their possession, reporting on how coach Boeheim is backtracking on what he said about someone he has known for quite some time. Make no mistake, in this story many have done wrong, but the focus is being placed on one person, one that I believe didn’t do anything wrong. The questions I have not heard being asked, or not being publicized, such as why both a local newspaper and a national media outlet kept a tape like they did. One that SU’s chancellor, Nancy Cantor, said had the school had it they would have terminated Bernie Fine then and there. I’d like to know how the local law enforcement made such a mess of all of this and yet no one is discussing this. Again, this has to do with the little person thinking they will have the same rights. Watching this unfold I have to wonder if anyone believes this.

However I did mispeak before, because head coach Jim Boeheim did make a mistake. He did not realize how much pull his words can carry. Which leads me to believe that if he was just as vocal when asked about these allegations, either by the police, by the Post-Standard or by the college itself, he might have made the people searching for the truth back up some. Let me clarify this, I have no proof that this happened, I do not believe for a second that Boeheim is part of a cover up, I have no idea if Boeheim was even interviewed in any of the above mentioned inquires, I say this just by the way he spoke about this at the beginning and with a guesstimate that if allegations had been made regarding his associate head coach he would have been talked to.

Lastly, since it seems that everyone now is looking for the truth, which is a great thing, and leaving no stone unturned in doing so, can they tell the public why Athletic Director Dr. Gross has not been heard from, or for that matter seen much?

To finish this post of mine, in a very good game, which I watched on you guessed it, ESPN, Syracuse won 72 to 68, behind 20 points of Brandon Triche and 16 of Scoop Jardine, the point guard I thought might be in a battle for his starting spot. So far this season the Orange have a perfect record, too bad that the rest can not say that!