In NY State the NFL Playoff is going to be a luxury…


Another week gone in the National Football League and the fate of the three teams in the state of New York is getting more and more apparent. Unfortunately that means for a lot of fans in the Empire State watching other teams in the playoffs and not their own. It also probably means that once again the Jets head coach prediction of a Super Bowl is going to have to wait… again! With five weeks left in the season two teams are out in my opinion, meaning that the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills will not be going anywhere once the season is over, and for the first one the chance of a new coach is close to be 100%. The third team one, the New York Jets, are on the verge of joining the other two, and if they do make it they can thank the remaining schedule more than they can thank themselves.

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Right now the Jets are eighth in the playoff chase, having the same record as the Denver Broncos, which they lost to two weeks ago. Over at The Jet Press you can read about this week’s opponent, the Washington Redskins. In this game NY, on the road, is a three point favorite, and should come back home with the W. On the other hand the Broncos have the Minnesota Vikings and they too should get a victory. As the picture above says “the Jets will be lucky to make the playoffs”, on the other hand the other two would need a miracle of sorts in order to do so.

Over at the BuffaLoDown you can read about the loss to the above mentioned New York Jets, and also have a poll about the Stevie Johnson celebration, in which he makes fun of Plaxico Burress. I personally think it was a classless gesture, which both made him look dumb and hurt his team, possibly causing them the game. You can check out the video there, or look at it right here…

In the week coming up the Bills have to face off against the Tennessee Titans, a team that needs the win to keep up in the playoff race, at Ralph Wilson Stadium. And I have to admit that I am pretty shocked that Buffalo is only a one point underdog in this one. Maybe I am so down on this team because I thought they would do more after the fast start, but I do not see them winning this one. On the other side, maybe the only thing that could make this interesting is if this team was got a jolt due to the Johnson’s debacle.

Finally, the last game of the week was the New York Giants, which I have to say look like anything but giants on the gridiron of late. The 49 to 24 loss on Monday night against the New Orleans just proved that over again. At the GMen HQ you can read about the game and see that UNC’s own Hakeem Nicks…

"looked like his old self for the first time in weeks. Look at the screen pass he caught on the Giants’ last drive of the first half, where he shook two defenders in order to get a first down. It would appear as if he is finally 100% healthy. So of course he sustained a bruised rib"

Now, after a short week for NY they will face the undefeated Green Bay Packers at home, who have basically had a semi bye week, since they played on Thursday. After the beat down that this team got against the Saints I have to admit that being a six point underdog is pretty amazing! I would have thought that they would have been in the double digits, and even then I would take the Packers and give the points over the Giants the way both teams are playing right now, especially with the reports that Osi Umenyiora could miss this Sunday’s game with his ankle injury.