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James McDermott- Co-Editor

James McDermott is a life-long Islanders, Mets, Giants and Knicks fan. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from The State University of New York, University at Albany. In addition to his work at EmpireWritesBack.com, he is also a co-creator, editor and writer for IslandersFanForum.com.

Noah Weintraub- Co-Editor

Noah Weintraub earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from SUNY Oswego. He is also a contributing writer for 4thquarterclutch.sportsblog.com.

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Carson Coudriet — Staff Writer
Carson Coudriet is currently a high-school student who has been an avid sports follower since birth. A die-hard Jets fan, Carson keeps track on all his New York Sports, although he admits full-fledged allegiance to the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Celtics over his hometown teams.

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Jason Arias- Staff Writer

Student at Binghamton University. Mets/Knicks/Islanders fan (Eagles, too) so I’ve never seen any of my teams win anything. Still love ‘em though. Just finally getting over the 2006 NLCS. Disappointed fan since ’92.

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Gavin Ewbank- Staff Writer
Born in Manhattan and raised in Bergen County Terence comes from the rare breed of Devils-Knicks-Yankees-Jets fans. A hockey addict, he has a New York Ranger inferiority complex that would make Sigmund Freud drool. Terence has been known to throw up a brick on the basketball court and emit a soft grounder to second on the diamond as well.

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Jesse Lawrance- Staff Writer


Matthew Scull- Staff Writer

Matthew Scull, a high school student residing in New Jersey, loves watching, playing and talking sports. Although young, Matt is a dedicated Giant, Devil, Yankee, Notre Dame, Duke, and Spurs fan. Matt is looking to gain experience through trial at Empire Writes Back and looks to eventually move up the ranks at FanSided.

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Matthew Naham- Staff Writer

I’m a cradle to the grave Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers fan; I patiently await the day when one–just one–of these teams ceases disappointing me, so that I may come to know championship bliss.

Kyle Nuss- Staff Writer

Hello, My Name is Kyle Nuss. Lived in Upstate New York my entire life. Huge fan of the Jets, Yankees, Rangers, and Syracuse. I love talking and watching sports. Follow me on Twitter @KDN1692

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Brian Sausa- Staff Writer

Spicing it up somewhere

AJ Brown- Staff Writer

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Paul Ciullo- Staff Writer

Lifelong sports fan, some of my earliest memories growing up revolve around making trips to the Carrier Dome to watch Syracuse engage in battles against their Big East brethren. Huge Yankee and Knicks fan, I was lucky enough to witness the last game played at the Old Yankee Stadium and first game at the New Yankee Stadium. Graduate of SUNY Geneseo, I spend a good portion of my free time talking, reading, and writing about sports, and to this end created PAC’s Sports and Entertainment Forum (http://paulyard20.com/) where I serve as the head writer.

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Michael Smith- Staff Writer

Mike has always followed many different sports and he always wanted to write about sports. Mike got his start when he joined FanSided in December 2013 to write for their wrestling blog, Daily DDT. Mike is a fan of the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Islanders, but is always watching all the NY sports teams.


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