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Blue Links: 53-man Roster, Rooks and Punt Returners


The man is 68 years old, coaching and kicking on the field! May you give us all a super present! A Superbowl present!


Well, pre-season is over and the New York Giants head to week one looking… well… kinda good.

The offense is not as pretty as we predicted, Eli Manning is not on his perfect form, but the running game looks good, so that’s a plus right?

Also, defense seems to be on the path of greatness! Who knows… we might be experiencing the new Big Blue Wrecking Crew! Probably not, but still, there’s hope for the team.

This is what I think. If you want, check out B/R’s thoughts on the off-season.

Siledeshow (long one) about each team’s off-season


Here are a few links from the Giants’ website surrounding the final roster, rookies and more.


If you haven’t been following, here is the final roster

2014 New York Giants 53-man Roster


Here are the biggest surprises, according to Do you agree with them?



Who is going to return punts?

Return all the way


Rookies and their importance for the Giants’ season.

Rooks need to step up


Not much going on, so until September 8th, hang tight!

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