Aug 3, 2014; Canton, OH, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) on the sidelines during the third quarter of the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame game against the Buffalo Bills at Fawcett Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' Eli Manning Answers Questions on Reddit

For those who are not familiar with it, is a forum-based community website about everything and anything. Users create the content and contribute in the discussions.

One of the most well known branches of Reddit is a section called AMA (ask me anything) where interesting people (famous or not) answer questions from the users for a limited amount of time.

Hollywood celebrities, directors and actors, military personnel and even presidents have done AMA’s in the past, and yesterday I was fortunate enough to catch Eli Manning‘s AMA live. He talked about his relationship with his family, New York sports, the Giants, the Helmet Catch and much much more.

Here are snippets of his interview:


Q: Eli, we know you are all business and humble. But what’s your opinion on touchdown celebrations being diminished?

A: I enjoy touchdown celebrations. Cuz whenever Victor Cruz does a salsa dance, I know we just scored a touchdown.


Q: What is the average day for you during the off-season?

A: It’s average?

You know, working out and staying in shape, and trying to spend as much time with my wife and my kids, because once the season starts, I get limited time with them.

Q: How competitive do you and your brother get at family gatherings? Any funny stories that resulted from that competitiveness?

A: We’re probably not as competitive now as when we were both teen-agers, we had some pretty physical basketball matches back in the day, I guess so much that my dad ended up removing the basketball goal.

Q: After you throw an interception do you want to punch the guy who caught it or do you mostly just feel sad?

A: I don’t think I’ve ever thrown an interception?

Editor: This is followed by users laughing at the joke and linking Charles Barkley’s Footlocker ad, in which he says all the greats have short memory.

Q: Eli, what’s your favourite video game?

A: Zelda, on original Nintendo.

Q: Who’s the funniest player on the team?

A: Funniest player on the team – I think JPP. Just the stories that he has from growing up and his comments that he throws out during the course of the day.

Q: Have you ever been starstruck?

A: Hmm.

I asked K-Fed for a picture one time. That’s the only person I’ve ever asked for a picture, Kevin Federline.


Q: Who has been the hardest defender or entire defense that you’ve faced in your career?

A: Well, I think the Demarcus Ware has sacked me more than any other player, so I think he has a pretty good chance of winning that contest.


Q: What’s something hilarious you have done or seen a teammate do to a visiting team locker room while on the road?

A: After we beat the Cowboys in the opening game of their new stadium, I was requested to sign part of the locker room (which some of the Cowboys fans did not appreciate).


QWhat was your first thought when you saw Tyree catch the ball?

A“Did he really catch it?”


Q: Hey Eli! Long term Giants fan here. Do you follow any of the other NYC area sports teams outside of football? Have you ever struck up a friendship with any other NYC sports icons?

A: I keep up with all the NYC sports teams. I’ve been to Yankees games, Mets games, Knicks games, Nets games, so I root for all the NYC teams… except maybe the Jets.


Editor: There is a subreddit called /nygiants, where giants fans get together to discuss the current situation of the team, talk about the glories of the past and have fun. They put together 5 questions and shot them all at the same time.


First thanks for doing this AMA! We at /r/nygiants compiled a list of questions and I’ve put together the top 5 questions as voted by your biggest fans:

  1. We know you occasionally prank and joke around with your teammates. Who has pulled the best prank on you and what did they do? ( by /u/ProsperousPlatypus )
  2. How far can you throw an uncontested ball in perfect weather? ( by /u/mrmagoo512 )
  3. During the offseason one night I took a well known photo of you on the beach holding a tiny bucket and made it a digital painting. It got really popular for a bit and was even shown on ESPN. I just want to know if it ever made its way to you and what did you think? ( by /u/DJ_Febreeze )
  4. Please rank all the Centers you’ve worked with based on odor. ( by /u/3rdAnnual )
  5. Eli, of all the receivers you’ve played with, who do you think you shared the best chemistry with on the field? You and Plaxico really seemed in tune, as well as Amani. Who were some of the best? Also, come join us at /r/nygiants. Say hi! ( by /u/mrmagoo512 )



1) Jeff Feagles removed all the air out of my tires one year at training camp and left me a bike pump so I could pump up my tires just enough to get to a gas station.

2) I’d say between 65-70 yards.

3) I saw the picture. And, uh, I’ve caught quite a bit of grief for holding my child’s bucket. But it’s a well-done painting.

4) Start at best smelling going to worst?

I’ll say… best smelling center… hehe….let’s start with Shaun O’hara is the most hygienic, I think. Kevin Booth coming in second place. Wayne Lucier. And I’d say that Richie Seubert comes in last place.

5) Plaxico was very easy to throw to just because of his size. Steve Smith was another one that was great in the slot position. And you know, Victor Cruz has become a great playmaker for us as well.

That’s pretty much it. You can check out the whole interview on reddit, here.

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