Shumpert The Entertainer Is Back

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The New York Knicks have a very versatile shooting guard. Iman Shumpert can (sometimes) hit open threes, drive to the hoop, throw and catch lobs like anyone else in the league, but most importantly he can lock-out on defense.

The third year veteran is going to see an increase in minutes next season, due to his defensive efforts, and has been orking out very hard in order to stay in shape and prove to Phil Jackson that he is the man for the job.

There is one other aspect of Iman Shumpert that e don’t usually see, but it is there nonetheless.

Shumpert the Entertainer.

You have probably seen Shumpert’s rap videos, which are by no means bad. Actually they are pretty good if you are into hip hop.

This was the first one


This is the second one, released earlier this year.


The NY Post published an article covering his latest stint as an entertainer and described like this:  “In a video that was released on Wednesday, Shumpert appears as a bodyguard that greets applicants for a job as a “temporary assistant to a high profile personality,” as part of a promotion for “The November Man,” which was released in theaters on Wednesday.

Once the applicants enter a room, they are told that they will be working for Peter Devereaux, who is the main character in the movie and is played by Pierce Brosnan.”

Here’s an alternative to that video, which is available worldwide. Watch it, it’s very entertaining.


Anyway, let’s see what kind of entertainment he can bring to the Knicks fan base come the first game of the season.

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