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What Does This Pre-Season Mean For The New York Giants?

The way I see it, nothing really.

Obviously, as fans, we tend to overlook some of the facts and just hold on to our hopes and dreams, but a 4-0 campaign in the pre-season doesn’t mean the team is well organized or the schemes are well figured out – or the roster is even set in stone.

The NFL pre-season is just an extension of training camp – a series of games where the coaching staff can put different players in the rotation and decide who is going to make the final roster. During the pre-season, the play-book is not going to be used to full potential, considering it would be a bad idea to reveal the team’s most secret weapons during games that don’t mean anything.

Specifically during the 2014 pre-season, where the New York Giants are going through major changes on their offensive scheme, being extremely optimistic about the campaign or pessimistic about the quarterback is a very bad move for your mental health.

Eli Manning has been scrimmaging under this new offense, trying to get back to his game while having to worry about a weak offensive line that is not well coordinated yet. The offensive plays being run have been very basic so far and the execution is clearly not where it ought to be. On the other hand, the running game seems to be stronger than ever – but does that mean the Giants are going full Seahawks in 2014? Of course not. This is a process, a slow and steady process of learning and executing, failing and trying again, until everything is in sync.

Im my opinion, the Giants will only show their real game come week 1, and only then we will be able to analyze and scrutinize their game like we always do.

So yes, it is unwise to keep your hopes up about the 4-0 campaign because victories won’t come as easy during the regular season, but at the same time do not give up on Manning and the new offense either, because honestly, the past four games do not mean anything yet. I’m sure Tom Coughlin and Manning are working hard to get the offense back to the 2011 level and everything will be just fine come the regular season. (ok, that’s the fan speaking again)

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