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Pinstripe Links: Yankees Goals, Girardi, Infield and More

After last night’s loss to the Houston Astros, the New York Yankees still figure in second place of the MLB AL East. Besides from the game analysis, here are a few links from around the web regarding the team and interesting pieces about personnel.


ESPN Review and Analysis of Yankees vs Astros, in case you missed it. Tonight the Yanks face the Astros again.

Yanks lose to Astros!


“Baseball is boring. It takes too long. It’s more of a pastime than a game. I only watch the playoffs, if not only the World Series.”

These are some of the things baseball haters will say without giving much thought about it. Well, Joe Girardi comes to the rescue with a few improvements he think will sui the league very well and attract more fans.

Joe Girardi shares ideas to speed up game pace


Great analytic piece by ESPN on the Yankees’ infield using the game vs the Tampa Bay Rays as sample.

Is Derek Jeter not the centerpiece of the Yankees anymore?


Interesting story about a not-so famous Derek Jeter, who has had amazing experiences just because of his name.

Jeter’s doppelganger has even played baseball himself 


New York Post’s piece on how disappointing it is to see a “titanic” franchise have such small expectations. A team which spends so much and represents the greatness of New York couldn’t be so humble and timid on their expectations, can they?

Low Expectations, Low Results

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