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New York Giants Offense Still Ways To Go?

Please note that this is an opinionated rant from a New York Giants delusional fan who expects championship caliber performances regardless of the actual reality.

Where is the Action-Packed Packers-like offense Ben McAdoo has promised me?

Do we really need to suffer like we did on the weekend? 4th and 16 pass of 28 yards to Adrien Robinson. Last minute game-winning TD catch by Corey Washington (who now has three TD catches in three games, which means he is obviously the best undrafted free agent in the history of the NFL …).

Ed Valentine of SBNation summed up last game very well:

  • Eli Manning went 1-for-7 for six yards. He had a 51-yard completion to Victor Cruz, but Cruz fumbled and an Indianapolis penalty wiped out that mistake. Manning threw an interception, an awful decision to throw the ball to Cruz, that was also wiped out by a Colts penalty.
  • The Giants averaged 1.8 yards per play and gained just 48 yards.
  • Three of the Giants five first downs came thanks to Indianapolis penalties.
  • The Giants ran the ball 13 times for 41 yards, an average of 3.2 yards per carry.

“Those are just the raw numbers. Discouragingly, the Giants could not block any of the Indianapolis blitzes or stunts in pass protection. They couldn’t move the pile to create running lanes, either.”

In all seriousness, the offense looked really weak. Ryan Nassib is not the Messiah. He won’t have performances like that in the real world.

The running game seems solid enough – Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams are great assets but need help. Rookie Odell Beckham Jr., Rueben Randle and Victor Cruz will be just fine and the WR core looks deep enough to have a good season, but something is seriously out of place. It might be chemistry, it might be insecurity and lack of confidence, I don’t know, but this offense won’t do well in the long term against the best of the best of the NFL.

Yes, this is the pre-season, I understand the teams are not going to do public readings of their playbooks, and I understand this is not the system that is going to be played starting week 1, but I thought we’d see a much more dynamic offense during these 5 games. The main problem here doesn’t seem to be the plan and the playbook per se, but the execution. The Giants are having a lot of difficulty executing the basic little things.

I guess Tom Coughlin and the guys that make millions know better, so I’m just going to sit down, wait for the season (what else can I do?) and hope they are seeing this the way I see it and are already working on improving the system and the execution. They have to be, right?

Still worried, though.

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