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Big Blue Links: David Wilson Aftermath

Man, it’s sad. David Wilson. It’s sad for us of course, but it’s terrible for the kid. 23 years old, a lot of potential, a lot of money, a lot of status. All gone. Well, kind of all gone. He still has his health and a great attitude. He will be fine, just won’t be able to play pro football again.


If you guys haven’t been able to follow every story regarding the sudden sad news about David Wilson, here are some interesting links.


Announcement and comments by the player, not wanting pity. Once a Giant, always a Giant. If you are going through a major setback in your life, this is the attitude to make everything easier. Many people dream their dreams, he got to live his.

Once a Giant, always a Giant.


Reaction from current and former teammates. Reaction from all over the sports world.



The kid has retired, but the NFL moves on and the New York Giants need an efficient running game. How has the news affected the current roster and running back roster battles:

Wilson’s absence won’t devastate running game.


Good debate about who is going to get the most carries in the current roster. Fan’s views:

Debate among fans about the go-to guy at the RB position.


From, the outtakes from the Media Hour. Tom Coughlin talks about Wilson, Andre Williams being a beast and an awesome video of the Giants vs Bills game with a special speech from Victor Cruz before the game.

Media Hour


Good luck on your future endeavors, David. You deserve all the success in the world.

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