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Tim Hardaway Jr Showing He Wants The Starting Gig On New York Knicks Roster

Tim Hardaway Jr. has been showing great basketball in the Summer League in Las Vegas. With such a clumped shooting guard roster, it’s hard to see him landing the starting gig in the beginning of the season, but if he keeps playing the way he is and working to improve his game, Timmy might be one of the cornerstones of the franchise moving forward.

JR Smith has had so many problems on and off the court that yesterday at ESPN First Take he even admitted being shocked he was not traded yet. Iman Shumpert, one of our favorites, is a defensive force, but his offensive game is still lacking behind. If Hardaway Jr. improves his defense, he will surely be the starting SG for the Knicks in no time.

The 24th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft proved to be full of potential on both ends of the floor last year, even though he only actually delivered in a high level on the offensive end.

Let’s break down Tim’s performance on 3 aspects of his game during last season: Defense, Offense and Physical abilities.



This is the area Timmy’s got to really work on. He lacks the experience and maybe the acute basketball IQ to defend like a pro, but with his physical abilities and a little bit of NBA experience he can be a great lock on defender. Let’s hope his dad – former 5x NBA All Star Tim Hardaway – and people around him let him know that good defense helps the team get wins as much as good offense and that a good defense transcends into frequent transition opportunities – which are kind of Timmy’s thing.



Hardaway JR gave us some great moments this season on the offensive end. Timmy showed what a great shooter and dunker he can be. He was able to create his own shots and finish plays off with clutch corner 3’s. One thing he lacks though is consistency. Hardaway went 0-7 a couple of times after having fantastic games. We can only assume he will get better as time goes by. His fundamentals are great, and what more can we ask of a late 1st round rookie?



Oh man, here’s where Tim Hardaway Jr. really showed he belongs in the league. Speed and strength, agility and high jumps made him a highlight maker. Catching lobs, running the floor on transitions and dunking like no other in the team, Timmy provided us all with lots of entertainment on a few otherwise boring games.

All in all, with a little bit of experience and focus on defense, Hardaway Jr. can surely be considered not only a starting shooting guard for the team, but a long time high level player for years to come as well.


Keep jumping Timmy!

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