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Mc's Pick: Home Run Derby

It has been a while since the last installment of “Mc’s Picks”; partially because I have been caught up in the World Cup and partially because there are two mediocre ball clubs in this town so neither have been playing can’t miss games, but here we are at the MLB All-Star break and one of my guilty pleasures: the Home Run derby.

I have gone on record on this blog about my hatred of All-Star games in general, and the MLB version may be the worst of them all, but there’s something about the derby that I love. Maybe it brings me back to my youth where seeing ball players mash homer after homer 450+ feet was a commonplace during the actual games (gotta love the steroid era), maybe it is because it is a game all of us have played in our backyard with a whiffleball. Whatever the reason, I’m a sucker for this event.

This year’s derby does not feature a single player from the Mets or Yankees, whereas last year’s had David Wright representing the NL and Robinson Cano batting for the AL in the contest (neither one of those gentlemen will be representing the Mets or Yanks this year at the All Star game either), but that will not deter me from enjoying the slug fest and hoping for another memorable performance like the one Yoenis Cespedes gave us last year. Cespedes is in the derby again but my money would be on countryman Yasiel Puig to be the star tonight.

And don’t be surprised if we see a bat flip or two from Puig, he’s quite the showman.

So my advice is to tune in to the Home Run Derby tonight at 8. It’s a meaningless exhibition, but at least they don’t pretend it matters, or that it is real baseball. It is exactly as advertised: the world’s biggest mashers putting on a spectacle for children, and I am a big kid.


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