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Carmelo Anthony: Melodrama Update July 10th - Coming Home! Again! Maybe!

Hey guys,

Carmelo Anthony has not really decided yet what he is going to do with his life. At least he has not said anything about it so far. But he kind of did.

Frank Isola from the NY Daily News reported that Anthony told a friend that he trusts Phil Jackson and is returning to the Knicks. For some reason, among the sea of speculation and eye-catching headlines, I like Isola’s work the most. He is cocky, straight to the point, and I identify myself with that.

On the other hand, Berman of the NY Post said that even though the Knicks expect Melo to return, his agent has said no decision has been made yet. I don’t like this piece of news because I want Melo back. But for those who don’t want that, here you go.

Adrian Wojnaroski of Yahoo Sports said that Melo is expected to come back to new York, but the reason is not the most flattering one for us fans. He stated that the idea is for Melo to get all the money he can get and if things do not work out there is always the possibility of a trade in the future. He is probably the most respectable source of sources, so I tend to believe the guy. It’s cool by me, considering a successful first season under Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson would strip this idea off his mind.

Other big names of the media all pretty much say the same. Carmelo is expected to go to NY but nothing is 100% confirmed. Kind of an easy statement to make, but that’s how things look at the moment.

Melo had a work out with Kevin Durant where he reportedly praised Derek Fisher’s work ethic and told Melo to give it a shot.

Melo’s family wants to stay in New York.

Kobe Bryant would love to play with Carmelo in La La Land.

The Chicago Bulls are not out of the picture yet, blablabla.

We’ll talk a little more when his decision is made.


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