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Geno Smith ask "Why Not The Jets?"

Rex Ryan’s confidence must be rubbing off on Jets QB Geno Smith.

Geno Smith who hasn’t even been named the starting quarterback yet, told the NFL Network “I feel good about our team making a Super Bowl run.”

Super Bowl?? The Jets? Really?

As a big time Jets fan, it’s great to see Geno confident but do the Jets really have a chance to make the Super Bowl??

Well, they at least have a chance to make the playoffs.

The Jets have a good defense, and we all know Rex Ryan knows how to coach a great defense. The Jets drafted Calvin Pryor, who should be a good addition to the safety. On the Offense side, the Jets went out and got some weapons including running back Chris Johnson, wide receiver Eric Decker, and quarterback Michael Vick, who can hopefully help Geno Smith become a better quarterback.

Even with all of the nice additions, the Jets are coming off of an 8 – 8 season, and have a tough schedule this season. Including a very tough one two punch in October when on the 12th the Jets face the AFC Champs the Denver Broncos, then after have a Thursday Night game on the 16th at New England.

Hey everyone knows, speculating this early means nothing. Once the season starts everything goes out the window, things change in a second, and the entire league is usually flipped on their heads by week 4 of the season.

Why not the Jets? I mean crazier things have happened.

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