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Apr 11, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; New York Knicks forward Amar

Amar'e Stoudemire Could Take Iman Shumpert Away From New York

It has been speculated the possibility of the New York Knicks trading Amar’e Stoudemire to the Philadelphia 76’ers. The Sixers have a young and talented team that could use leadership and experience on the floor and in the locker room and Amar’e would be great for the job. He would thrive with young people running around and handing him the ball in the paint. We all experienced a great feeling seeing Stoudemire make a great comeback at the end of last season, being a defensive beast and very efficient offensively. He has developed a good jump shot from the elbow, something that allows him to extend his career for years to come.

That said, Amar’e has got to go.

The Knicks are still in the process of acquiring talent and creating a contender. Stoudemire’s contract is way to expensive for the Knicks to be able to afford major free agents. It was all good, though, considering he would come off the books next year, but having the opportunity to trade him now for a draft pick would be ideal.

The problem is no one is going to take Amar’e without Iman Shumpert. The Knicks need Shumpert. The young guard is a defensive force, a 6’5 great ball handler that is slow and steadily developing his shot and will make up for a great basketball player. Having Jose Calderon, JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony (if he comes back) in the team means that the defensive end is weak – only Samuel Dalembert, the new center traded from Dallas is a defensive reference. The team would need a serious problem going into the playoffs with this roster (see Houston Rockets). If the Knicks decide to let him go, they would have to further move the roster if they want to be competitive next year.

Who knows, maybe Amar’e and Shumpert going to Philly means Phil Jackson wants to clear enough cap space to make a splash in this off-season, bringing in… say… Lebron James? Kevin Love?

I didn’t like the trade talks, but I don’t know what to think if that’s a possibility! If it’s possible for ‘Melo to go to Miami and join forces with LBJ there, why not here? Kevin Love more viable? Luol Deng?


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