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New York Knicks Back-up Point Guard Battle

The New York Knicks have finally acquired a point guard they can rely on since the retirement of Jason Kidd. Jose Calderon is going to be their starting 1-guard, a guy who can move the ball and create shots for teammates but still bank three’s like everyone else. The problem is Calderon is going to be 33-years old at the beginning of the season and will have to sit and let the other two guys get some minutes. These other guys are Pablo Prigioni and Shane Larkin.

Well, we all know Prigioni. Shane Larkin not as much.

The Argentine Pest is a pass first creative PG who shoots the three-ball very efficiently and always looks to control the floor – every time the ball needs to be inbound you can hear throguh your TV the famous “I GOT IT” he screams to whoever is in bounding it. Prigi is also a pesky defender, like Clyde Frazier likes to call him. The downside here is his age (Prigi is 37, even though for his Steve Nash-ish style of play that isn’t much of a problem as long as he stays in shape).

Shane Larkin is the son of Baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, but that doesn’t help the Knicks at all. The sophomore PG out of Miami had a great college career, specially on his sophomore year, when he led the Hurricanes to the ACC championship. A very fast, creative and good three-point shooter, he seems like a younger version of Prigioni. After joining the Dallas Mavericks after the 2013 NBA Draft, where he was selected by the Atlanta Hawks, Larkin played in the summer league and made his debut with a 3 points, 3 assists, 3 steals performance against the 76ers. Larkin had an injury that got him out of four months of play, which led him to have to play a few games in the D-League. He is an unproven talent, but for most people he is a great asset, pretty much being a first round draft pick that the Knicks are going to be able to try out. His main downside is his height – he stands 5’11 tall -, something that Phil Jackson (known for his big guards lineups) is not really a fan off.

All in all the Knicks are better served at the position than last year. My prediction is Prigioni is going to come off the bench first, but if the kid decides to perform like he did in college, the old guy might have a serious run for his money.


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