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Carmelo Anthony Could Re-Sign With Knicks as Early As Monday

Oh the never ending Melo-drama could actually be coming to an end.

Carmelo Anthony has been courted in free agency by the best of the best. Chicago and Houston welcomed him with posters, banners and red carpet. The Mavericks went Mark Cuban-style and held a meeting to only talk business, according to Cuban himself. It all happened too fast and ended even faster Thursday night in Los Angeles. The Lakers met with Anthony a few hours prior to Melo finally having his last meeting with Phil Jackson and his crew of New York Knicks representatives, also in L.A.

What came out of it?

‘Melo is probably coming back to New York. Phil Jackson has reportedly offered a max contract to the star forward, something in the vicinity of $129 million for five years. That’s a lot of money. That’s maybe the amount of money necessary to bring him back. The Lakers offered him a max deal as well, but they are limited to 4 years, and that would be around $30 million less. The question here is if Anthony will take this offer or make a counter offer for less money. Crazy right? Not really.

If Carmelo Anthony is going to stay, he could still make more money than he would in any other team even taking a pay cut. If he takes three or four million less a year he could help the franchise bring other big names to New York while still being very rich. Phil Jackson might have just saved ‘Melo’s image by offering him the max contract, provided that if Melo himself offers to take less, he would look like the team player people have doubted him to be for so long.

He is going to spend the weekend in LA to think about his decision and could come up with one as early as Monday. He is expected to watch the World Cup final in Brazil July 13th, so it would make sense for him to be all ready to go by Tuesday.

I hope he signs with the Knicks. I also hope he takes a pay cut and convinces Pau Gasol to come with him from LA to NY for next season.

I just hope.

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