Kurt Rambis To New York Knicks Rumors

Los Angeles lakers’ Assistant coach Kurt Rambis was linked to the New York Knicks weeks ago after Steve Kerr declined the Knicks offer for him to be the head coach. Rambis, a veteran coach under Phil Jackson, was one of the listed as possible head coach candidates but it never happened. Derek Fisher was hired and now Rambis has been linked to the Knicks once again, this time as an assistant coach.

Reportedly, the Knicks offered Rambis a $1.2 million a year contract to be Derek Fisher’s main assistant coach, a very expensive but worthwhile move.

Rambis has won 4 NBA champiopnships as a player to go along with his tenure as assistant coach for Phil Jackson during the Lakers dynasty of the early 2000’s. He’s got that winning mentality much needed at the Garden, something that the Knicks have been lacking for years.

A great player developer and master of the triangle offense, Rambnis can only bring good things to the table, helping Fisher’s transition from player to coach smoother. He’s got the leadership, the experience and most of all Phil Jackson’s VIP pass to do his thing, and he is certainly going to be a sideline reference both for the older guys that might (or might not, but probably might) be fearful of a rookie coach leading them, and for the young bloods.

Oh, and this $1.2 million do not count towards the salary cap, so… great!

Jackson loves surrounding himself of old acquaintances, so expect Rambis in a Knicks uniform next season. Well, probably a suit and tie, but you know what I mean.

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