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Brooklyn Nets Off-Season Update

It seems this off-season is going be an interesting one for the New York Knicks, but Brooklyn Nets fans across the country also need to play close attention to what’s going on. Let’s take a look at four important developments in the team’s off-season.

Andrei Kirilenko has reportedly opted in to the final year of his 2 year $6.5 million contract with the Nets. The 33 year old Russian forward had a player option for this summer but he chose not to take it. AK-47 had a good year with the team coached by Jason Kidd and could be of precious help for next season.

Paul Pierce has stated in an interview he only has one or two years left in his tank. After a great playoff run this year the team seemed to be unsure about his future in the city, but after this statement we can be sure he´ll be around for a couple more years.

Future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett has not yet decided if he is coming back next year or if he is retiring, but the Nets front office are confident they will be able to count on him for one more year. He is still under contract, so that helps. KG is still KG, even if KG is not the old KG, if you know what I mean. A good defensive reference and double team demanding player, it would be best for the Nets to have him around while they work out how to replace him in the 2015 free agency bonanza.

Shaun Livingston is being heavily courted after having a great year withthe team. We talked about how the Knicks would benefit from acquiring the point guard to improve their broken roster. A competent big guard like Livingston would be a good piece for Coach Kidd to use during the next season.

Starting July 1st, this free agency class comes with a promise of lots of excitement. Sit back and enjoy.

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