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New York Giants Mini Camp: Day 3

Well, that was disappointing, for journalists anyway…

The New York Giants Mandatory Mini Camp ended early today and no drills were practiced at all. According to reports, a steady rain fall forced the team to only have a quick walkthrough of the schemes and a stretching session in the morning. After that the players were released.

So what can we say about the mini camp? Mostly good things!

Jameel McClain has stepped up his role as a defensive leader, filling up for Jon Beason while he is on rehab, Odell Beckham Jr attended practice after 2 weeks and is apparently set to not only act as WR but also to be the punt / kick returner in the beginning of the season.

Aside from him and the usual injuries that we already knew about, the main thing that came out as the positive result of the mini camp was the building of team chemistry. Coach Tom Coughlin said that the veterans were great in integrating everyone new to the team, be it rookies or free agents, and when you are trying to get a 53 man roster to play for one objective, you better have good chemistry.

Still on Tom Coughlin, the coach said that besides building chemistry, the main goal of the camp was to make progress as far as the new offense is concerned, and apparently they are in the right direction. Even though the new offense from Offensive Coordinator McAdoo is not fluent for everyone yet, the head coach did say they made a great amount of progress and that they should be good to go before the training camp ends. He added that the new offense is specially good to Eli Manning, who is going to thrive and revive his golden days with it. Eli corroborated that statement and said that he never felt better and that this offense will be great for everyone, including himself.

Let’s just hope all this chemistry and offensive changes will help the franchise reach the ultimate goal of a NFL team, something that Coach Coughlin said that there’s no reason for it not to happen before the OTAs even started – winning the championship.

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