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Mc's Pick: USA vs Ghana in World Cup

With the New York Rangers falling to the Los Angeles Kings in five games in the Stanley Cup Finals, the door has finally been opened for something other than hockey to take the distinct honor of being Mc’s Pick. Fortunately, there is a sporting event going on worthy of such lofty recognition (tongue firmly in cheek here). The sporting gods have again my this post nearly write itself; need I say more than “USA! USA! USA!”?

This week’s ‘Mc’s Pick’ is the crucial match between the United States of America and Ghana on Monday night at 6pm. The matchup will be the US’s group G debut in this year’s World Cup, taking place in Brazil.

It is a match that the United States absolutely must win, with matches against Germany and Portugal, two of the top teams in the world, to follow.

The path out of group G is difficult even if they win against Ghana, but if the US falters against the Ghanaian national team, the team that has eliminated them from the previous two World Cups, they will have a near impossible task ahead of them to advance out of the group stage.

Ghana is the weakest side in the group, by a wide margin, so the most likely path out for the US is a convincing win against Ghana and to steal a point against either Germany or Portugal, then get a little bit of help from the outcomes of the other matches.

Monday’s match should be an excellent watch, even to the casual soccer fan, because of it’s importance to the national team’s chances to advance.

Whether you like the Mets or Yankees; Jets or Giants; Knicks or Nets; or Isles or Rangers, we are all Americans, and this our team. We are in this one together regardless of our other affiliations.

Let me reiterate: USA! USA! USA!

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