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June 23rd: Deadline For Carmelo Anthony's Decision

Now that Derek Fisher has officially been announced as the New York Knicks Head Coach, the franchise can finally look forward to developing the team for next season, based on the new mentality Phil Jackson and his coaching staff want to implement in New York.

Much has been said about the changes happening this off-season. Phil Jackson arrived in New York to try and revamp a broken team and put the franchise back on the map of competitive basketball. If there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Phil Jackson, and I’m sure he will make all the decisions needed to steer the team in the right direction.

There’s one thing he cannot decide for himself, though: Carmelo Anthony’s destination this summer.

We talked about how Melo has many options for this off-season – either staying in New York through a new contract after exploring free agency, leaving New York for a new team to pursue his championship or finally deciding to opt in, honoring his contract and playing one more year at the Garden while figuring out if he wants to put his chips on the team in 2015 and on.

Derek Fisher came as an apprentice coach to execute and put to work Phil Jackson’s philosophies, acting more as the middle man, the one responsible for getting the crew together, to bring the best out of the different kinds of players on the roster, while making sure everyone works for the same objective of contending for the championship. Carmelo has been highly regarded by both the new coach and the president – therefore he knows the franchise’s opinion about him -, so he just needs to decide if he wants to be part of this new enterprise or leave, going after his championship in a more established team.

He has until June 23rd to make his decision, but considering the speculation surrounding the free agency class of 2015 that could have Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love and many other all-stars available (the president has stated that he intends to go after two highlight players in 2015. ), my thoughts are that Carmelo will eventually realize that his bets should be placed in New York and on Phil Jackson’s project for the franchise. As a fan, I can only hope.



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