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Consistency Is The Key For The New York Rangers

Consistency wins games, consistency wins championships. The New York Rangers need consistency.

The Rangers showed that they have what it takes to win a Stanley Cup Finals game, they just haven’t been able to close the deal. They are playing with energy, speed and intelligence, but they haven’t been able to maintain this quality play.

It is frustrating for fans and players both to see the team go 2-0 with authority and then see the game fade away from them – two games in a row at that – so the consistency New York lacked the first two games is going to be the key for winning the series.

If you are going to play with emotion, do it till the end. If you are going to play a rational paced game, do it till the end. A team that starts with a powerful energetic and athletic approach cannot let that cool down and put out a passive posture, because that’s when the momentum shifts sides – We saw that in both games and Los Angeles is looking forward to doing it again in New York.

The L.A. Kings were the favorites for winning the series for a number of reasons, one of them being that they were stronger while the Rangers were faster. Now, up 2-0 in the series, they are even closer to the Cup, but not all is lost for the white and blues.

There is nothing we can say that Zuccarello, St Louis and Lundqvist don’t know already, but what coach Vigneault needs to implant in their brains is that it is now or never. Home advantage and the same type of energetic play, combined with the much needed consistency will surely bring New York back in the series and will eventually get them the championship.

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