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Brooklyn Nets Need KG To Come Back For One More Year

The Brooklyn Nets 2013-2014 season was a great surprise for New York Sports. Considering the New York Knicks were a major disappointment, the spotlight turned from the Garden to the Barclays Center. Moving to the 2nd round of the playoffs, only losing to the finalists and two-time defending champions Miami Heat.

We talked about how disappointing it was to see Deron Williams, former all star, performing so passively. To compensate these expectations and the rookie coach – albeit very competent – Jason Kidd, the veterans had to step up. Well, they did.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett had a great season considering both are on the wrong side of 30s. They brought consistency and high basketball IQ to a team that wasn’t sure about their own identity.

Despite a successful campaign, though, they need at least one more year of this sort of performance to solidify their identity and confidence on the team and Kevin Garnett would be the key for that. The 38 year old, 19 year NBA veteran is an offensive reference and defensive force to be reckoned with. With one of the most competitive personalities of the NBA, KG used his leadership to help Jason Kidd in directing their players in the right direction.

There is nothing decided yet, since KG has not made up his mind about honoring his contract for next year or retiring, but if KG decides to come back to one final year, to conclude his 20 year successful NBA career, the future Hall Of Famer will certainly bring to the court and the locker room the type of work ethic that a young coach needs to transform a competent team into a championship contender.

Oh, being one of the best trash talkers of the league also helps the entertainment value of the guy.

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