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Would Steve Blake Fit In With The New York Knicks?

Looking back at the dismal 2013-2014 season the New York Knicks had, a lot of things pop out as possible reasons for that happening.

It could have been the defensive collapses, the injuries, constant roster changes, Mike Woodson‘s flawed and predictable offensive system, or whatever else you like to blame. It ishard to access a campaign like that and determine who’s to blame. I personally think the whole thing was meant to crumble. Lack of long term planning, a president that didn’t call the shots, an owner that knows knothing about basketball and still ran the team among many other things.

One thing is certain, though: The point guard position needs to be addressed.

Toure Murry showed glimpses of stardom, great defensive abilities and athleticism, but he is too raw to be a NBA starting point guard – still the best prospect for the near future among all point guards on the roster. Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni are two veterans that sadly have seen better days. So there’s no doubt in my mind that during the summer the new Knicks President will do whatever he can to improve the floor general position.

Considering the amount of money the Knicks will be able to spend, he is going to need intelligent players with affordable price tags.

Like we said before, there a few players that fit that description.

Steve Blake is one of those players. Three point sharpshooter with great creative abilities, he has lost his athleticism and speed, but still can be very valuable for a broken team like the Knicks. He played under Phil Jackson in Los Angeles and knows the in and outs of the triangle offense, making him an even stronger candidate than we might think. Jackson seems to like having around him players that have gone through the trials and tribulations of a basketball season alongside him and if the case applies to future coaches, it will surely apply for players.

Blake is 34, so a veteran minimum is not out of the question, which would leave the Knicks within its financial restraints. Besides, his experience could bring a little more leadership to the floor, something that even the older guys and stars failed to deliver this past season. He is not Chris Paul, but he is better than Ray Ray, and a lot cheaper.

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