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Dave Hudgens Fired by New York Mets

Yesterday the New York Mets fired hitting coach Dave Hudgens, replacing him with Lamar Johnson.

Hudgens took the fall for a team towards the bottom of the league in most offensive categories this season, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that think the Mets’ offensive woes are predominantly Hudgens’ fault.

The Mets are 25th in batting average, 27th in home runs, and 22nd in runs this season, numbers that are never going to get the job done, regardless of who the hitting coach was.

Hudgens joined Mike Francesa on WFAN today, to discuss his recent termination and his apparent rift with Mets broadcasters. He was quick to point out that he has no issue with Keith Hernandez, former Met and one of the Mets TV color commentators but rather he “gets tired of the negativity”. He went on to say he has “never spoken to Keith, or anyone in the booth, about our hitting philosophy”.

Maybe he should have.

Hernandez has been openly critical of the Mets hitting approach, often questioning the Mets’ hitters’ reluctance to swing early in counts, and the team’s stated philosophy of looking for players with high on base percentages.

Hudgens may not have an issue with Hernandez, but did seem to take a jab at his criticism of his hitting beliefs, stating “I don’t know what Keith believes, I know his stat line. He got on base a lot”.

The focus of the interview was not completely on the perceived feud between the former hitting coach and the Mets announcers. They also took on the bigger issue of the Mets inability to hit in their home ballpark. Hudgens offered his explanation: “I think the effort level was too high” after citing the Mets higher rates of fly balls and swings and misses at Citi Field, linking those stats to the players trying to do too much in front of the home crowd, causing them to get out of their comfort zone.




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