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Tom Thibodeau To New York Knicks Rumors

Oh the speculation!

This off-season has been one of many interesting rumors for the New York Knicks, especially when the next head coach topic is brought up.

We’ve seen a list of names being thrown around, some with realistic possibilities, some not so much. Steve Kerr, Mark Jackson, Derek Fisher, Brian Shaw, Tyronn Lue, Mike Dunleavy Sr., Jeff Van Gundy and many others have been linked to the coaching gig in New York.

The latest name circling around that was brought up by Bleacher Report is that Chicago Bulls’ head coach Tim Thibodeau has a dream – coaching the Knicks and bringing the franchise back on the map. Wow!


Aside from the almost impossibility of that happening for a number of reasons (Chicago letting it happen and Tom willingness to coach a broken team to name two), let’s take a look at two main reasons that would make the Knicks profit if that negotiation ever happened.


System Basketball

Chicago has a star player that doesn’t play.  Chicago doesn’t have a consistent scorer. Past season Chicago had a bunch of second tier players that battle every night alongside the Defensive Player of The Year Joakim Noah in what seemed a lost cause and still managed to get the offensively weak team to the playoffs. Why is that? Great system basketball. Much has been said about the triangle offense and how everyone needs to get involved and able to score in order for the team to have success in the long run. Well, it worked for Thibs as well. The system might not be pure triangle, but his system got everyone involved, and even when Derrick Rose got injured again, the team was able to keep its consistency and take their game to the playoffs. If the New York Knicks really want to make an impact in the league with their current roster, they are going to need a strong basketball system and a strong coaching staff to play for. Implementing the triangle offense and a coach of his liking – something that has been said many times by Mr. President – seems to be Phil Jackson’s way of agreeing with that.


Carmelo Anthony

Melo himself reportedly asked his friends in Chicago how was it to play for Thibs and his interest clearly shows that he wants to take his game to the next level. The Bulls are still the favorites to land Melo in free agency if he decides to walk on New York. If, and that’s a big if, Tom Thibodeau decided to face this challenge and go coach the Knicks, that would make a strong case for Carmelo Anthony to stay in the city and work his way along Phil Jackson and Thibs to the franchise revamped performance we all hope to see in the next couple of years.


All speculation, but still…

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