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Derek Fisher And Brian Shaw In New York Knicks Coach Radar

At this point the New York Knicks are still pretty much in the dark as far as the head coach position is concerned. After the front-runner Steve Kerr picked the Golden State Warriors over New York, Phil Jackson – Knicks President – had to rethink his strategy trying to lure coaches to New York and started to realize that New York media is not as comprehensive as they seemed when the Zen Master first joined the organization back in march.


Soon after Kerr’s decision, other names started popping up in the news outlets, both veteran coaches like Mike Dunleavy Sr. and Mark Jackson and other rookie head coaches that had similar characteristics to Steve Kerr – Derek Fisher and Tyronn Lue.


Among those 4, Derek Fisher is the most talked about, but there is one minor problem: Fisher doesn’t want to coach right away. The guard, who is 39 years old said in previous interviews that there are two realistic options for him after this season: Retiring and going away from the basketball scene for a year before considering coaching or playing one more year for the Oklahoma City Thunder while learning the ropes of coaching as a assistant coach/player.


As much as the latter seem the perfect option for a president that would love have a coach he could influence enough to implement his own system basketball without resistance,

it seems Phil Jackson is open to hiring veteran coaches to split responsibility with. The last name that is being thrown around in the media is Brian Shaw of the Denver Nuggets.


We are talking about the New York Knicks, though, so there is always something in the way of happiness – Shaw has repeatedly said he is not interested in leaving Denver. Oh, and the Knicks do not have any movable first round pick until 2018, and considering you can only trade picks and money for coaches, even if Shaw is open for talks, the Nuggets would need something in return and the Knicks might not have what it takes to meet the demands.


The search continues. If Jackson doesn’t make a move fast the Knicks might not have a coach for the summer in Vegas.

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