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Knicks Lose Mark Jackson



Was it all speculation? Yes. Does it hurt anyway? Not really. Ok, a little bit.

Well, I guess the Knicks are not as attractive to coaches as we thought.


Accordinto reports, Mark Jackson, former Knicks’ player, former analyst and most recently the Golden State Warrior’s fired coach, has agreed to a multi-year deal with ESPN to return to the analyzing table.


After two successful seasons with Golden State, Jackson was fired and Steve Kerr – Knicks’ front-runner to take the bench gig – was hired as the Dubs’ new head coach.


Since we are talking about the Knicks, a lot of media attention went straight to M. Jackson as a suitable candidate. Phil Jackson was reportedly considering hiring a veteran coach after the failed attempt to bring rookie coach Kerr to the organization.


What now?


I guess we are back to square one. Phil Jackson’ is suffering from candidate shortness.

According to CBSSports, Phil is back again on the hunt, and not necessarily working on old acquaintances and triangle masters alone. At this point he might as well hire anyone who is willing to go through the scrutiny of New York’s media and the pressure from New York’s owner Jimmy Dolan. If he chooses to be as thorough, the Knicks might not have a coach in time for the Summer Camp in Vegas.


Let’s see what the Zen Master has in store for Knicks fans.

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  • Evans

    Jeff Van Gundy

  • michael drew

    Are you aware that Mark Jackson;s deal with ESPN most likely has a clause allowing him to opt out if he is offered a head coaching job?

    • Daniel Berke

      You’re definitely right but I find it hard to believe that he would opt out of his ESPN deal days or weeks after signing it

      • michael drew

        He probably told them up front that he wanted a coaching position, and would only do TV if he didn’t get an offer to coach that interested him

        • Daniel Berke

          That’s a really good point… Maybe he is still an option for the Knicks… I would personally rather see them hire JVG but that’s just me