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Knicks lose Steve Kerr to Warriors

According to David Aldridge of the TNT, Steve Kerr has turned down the NY Knicks offer to coach and is headed to California to coach the Golden State Warriors.


After weeks of speculation, the story apparently comes to an end.


Steve Kerr had every reason to come to New York.

Phil Jackson, his coach back in the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s that got him 3 titles is now the Knicks president. He gave Steve Kerr all the guarantees he could that the team was moving forward and that Kerr would be a part of this new era of winning mentality. He was going to implement his triangle offense and along with his mentor offer new hope for the team that has just come out of a dismal season.

Phil Jackson reportedly told Carmelo Anthony that having Kerr on the sideline would be a great reason for him to stay in New York, meaning that Kerr would be an extension of himself on the court.

Everything seemed to be on track. Steve Kerr as Head Coach. Melo back on the court. System basketball being played at its best until the 2015 free agency class that would make the Knicks definitive contenders!

But we are talking about the Knicks. Everything needs to have a bit of drama.

The Knicks are owned by James Dolan. James Dolan has a history of going over the team’s president and taking action without thinking twice. James Dolan offers a bad image of insecurity to prospect employees of the team.

Also, comparing the New York Knicks to the Golden State Warriors is kind of unfair at this point. The Dubs have one of the best backcourts of the league with a lot of potential left. Meanwhile, The Knicks are a team filled with expiring contracts, a star player that hasn’t made up his mind about returning to the team and a terrible season just behind them.

Plus, Kerr lives in California. Making the move from the west coast to the east coast would require a few sacrifices.


It makes sense for him to stay in Cali. The only reason Kerr would have come to New York would be because of his old coach. Pure loyalty sometimes isn’t enough.


We’ll see how the story develops, but it seems Phil Jackson has got a lot of work ahead of him trying to get himself a solid roster and coaching staff so the team can focus on basketball alone.

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