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Red Bulls' Roy Miller and Tim Cahill gone for the season

Miller and Cahil are probably gone for the season after Saturday.

The Red Bulls play against the desperate Chicago Fire Saturday at home at the Red Bull Arena.

After a slow start in the season, the team has shown more consistency and looks to maintain their winning record at home. That energy along with Henry’s great football IQ has revived some of the more skeptic supporters. Wright-Phillips and The Frenchman have been playing very well together and in the end of the day it’s their synergy that will make a difference on the offensive end.

What about Miller and Cahil?

Supposing everything goes well on offense, – and considering the opponent is the not impressive Chicago Fire – scoring won’t be a problem, but we still need to talk about defense Saturday and – more important – the rest of the season. How is the team deal with their absences?

To be fair, the Head Coach has been very thoughtful about this, stating he does not want to bring any problems for either of them, making sure they get to their respective national team camps healthy and ready to perform. If they play hard with their minds on the game instead of the World Cup camp, they will be of positive impact on Saturday’s game.


Miller has the longest tenure among the Red Bulls roster. Having been through a lot with the team one can only imagine that the 29 year old has learned how to control his energy and release it only when needed. Even though defenders seldom get praises, Coach Petke has stated that he is very satisfied with Miller’s turn around. Maybe his first World Cup and better results from the Red Bulls will make him even more tempted to work hard and get better.

Cahil has been a reference midfielder for Australia’s national team, helping  the aussies qualify for the finals. A World Cup veteran (2006 Germany and 2010 South Africa), he’s got the experience and knowledge to be a team player or a MF scorer depending on what the situation is asking of him. I don’t think the Red Bulls can afford not having such leadership and talent on the field.


So both the defender and the midfielder will be missed by coach Petke, who surely is already making plans on what to do when they are gone. Be it in individual performances or as good role players, Tim Cahil and Roy Miller must have done something right in New York after all because being called into their national teams for the World Cup 2014 has got to be considered a difficult task and an honor – even if Australia and Costa Rica are not what we would call real contenders for the title.

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