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Knicks biggest change this off-season

What is going to be the biggest change on the Knicks?


This off-season has already been one of many changes. From the front office to the coaching staff and in the near future to the roster, the Knicks are living a general revamp.

Revamp: give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

By hiring Mr. Phil “13 rings” Jackson as President of Basketball Operations, the New York Knicks tried to address more than a season problem. More than a team failure. More than a lack of coaching abilities. The Knicks are trying to erase – once and for all – the image that when you are a New York organization, you have to deliver immediately or bust.


Carmelo Anthony, the franchise player, 2013 scoring champion and 7 times All Star might be going away to another town. It might be Chicago, it might be Houston, it might be Dallas. He might stay as well, who knows? Melo himself is probably not sure either. The point is, whatever his decision might be, some major changes are going to happen to the roster, if not this off-season (considering all the contracts that do not expire till 2015-, the next. Building around Melo or building a new high level roster without him is sure to happen.


Mike Woodson is gone. The organization is already looking for a new coaching staff, headed by a strong name. The favorite at this point is Steve Kerr, rookie coach that has a lot of experience with Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. It could be Mark Jackson, it could be Bill Cartwright. Whoever it may be, Mr. President is certain to impose his will for a system basketball instead of the pick and roll / ISO style that is so prevalent throughout the league.


Landing Steve Kerr or not, Carmelo Anthony going away or not, what we can be sure is that Phil Jackson is the biggest change this offseason. The Zen Master and his winning mentality is what is going to make a difference for the New York Knicks on the years to come. The change in culture from “now or never” to “now and for years to come” is going to be great for the franchise and the city. Instead of wondering if next year the team is going to be a contender or a joke, fans will be able to see consistency on the court and in the front office and nothing is better than security at this point for a team that has gone through so many ups and downs for the past 40years and never got to relive the glory of the 70’s championship teams.

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