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Should the Mets Be Concerned About Travis d'Arnaud?

I know it’s early in the season but it is hard not to make at least a few snap judgments about players in such a small sample size, but the (very) early season showing from Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud has me concerned.

In my opinion d’Arnaud’s production is as important to the Mets becoming a legitimate contender as anyone else on the team. That might seem like hyperbole but it’s not. d’Arnaud was brought to the Mets via trade as a hitting catcher and the Mets have put all of their faith in him by not bringing in a veteran reserve to spell him if he should fail. The franchise handed him the starting catcher’s role and, simply put, they need d’Arnaud to produce. If he does not the Mets will have another huge offensive hole in their lineup, one which seems likely to under-produce at shortstop first base and at least one outfield position as well. That is too many offensively deficient spots in the batting order for a team to recover from.

d’Arnaud has yet to register a even a base hit in his 4 games played this year, but more than that most of his at bats he has looked over matched against major league pitching. Not having a hit in a four game stretch happens from time to time, but when it comes at the beginning of the year it comes under much more scrutiny, especially when you have yet to establish a resume that suggests you will bounce back.

Mets fans were excited at the prospect of having a quality bat behind the plate d’Arnaud was called up last season, but so far in his short career d’Arnaud has failed to live up to the hype. The sample may be small, but d’Arnaud needs to start showing Mets fans what he can do at the plate, not just behind it.

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