A Look At The Top 5 Upcoming Events In Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Barclays Center has quickly become one of New York City’s premier venues. Whether it be for concerts, sporting events or award shows, Barclays has rivaled Madison Square Garden in popularity for big events. When it comes to music, Barclays Center concert tickets have reached as much demand as Madison Square Garden concert tickets in New York. Some of the biggest names in music are taking their tours through Brooklyn with some big events coming up.

5/9/14 | Cher | Avg. Price: $361 | Get-In Price: $86

Cher’s ‘Dressed To Kill’ Tour is the final one of her career, and the prices for Cher tickets on the secondary market have been rising for all tour dates across the country. Cher has the only concert coming up at Barclays with an average price above $300. The get-in price below $100 represents a good deal for fans wanting to see the show.

4/10/14 | Rock And Roll Hall of Fame | Avg. Price: $247 | Get-In Price: $49

Actual performers are still up in the air, but the night celebrating Hall and Oates, Nirvana, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt and Cat Stevens should be a fun night in Brooklyn. Along with the inductees, an Award for Music Excellence will be given The E Street Band, bringing interest up in the tri-state area on its own. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert tickets have dipped in price recently, allowing fans to get more affordable prices to one of the most entertaining nights in music. A get-in price under $50 is a great deal regardless of who does or doesn’t perform during the event.

4/5/14 | Miley Cyrus | Avg. Price: $239 | Get-In Price: $65

The Bangerz Tour has been given mixed reviews, but the demand for Miley Cyrus tickets hasn’t decreased too much. Miley Cyrus has almost the same average price as the night celebrating some of the biggest acts in music and features a higher get-in price. Even after plenty of already played dates, there’s still no way to expect what kind of show a purchase of a Miley Cyrus ticket will come with.

3/31/14 | Black Sabbath | Avg. Price: $221 | Get-In Price: $77

With a slightly different demographic than Cyrus, Black Sabbath will be coming to Brooklyn a week prior. Black Sabbath tickets have been in high demand throughout their tour. Black Sabbath is the midst of a massive 83-show, 10-leg reunion tour that has been ongoing since 2012. This will be the last time to see the band in the US for a month as they will tour through Canada until the end of April.

3/24/14 | WWE Raw | Avg. Price: $217 | Get-In Price: $45

Monday’s return of RAW to Barclays was one of the most anticipated events of the year. WWE tickets for RAW in Brooklyn on Monday night had a higher average price than the current price for Wrestlemania tickets in New Orleans in two weeks. WWE has always been a big draw in New York City and Brooklyn has effortlessly fit into that process.

Barclays Center continues to establish itself as one of the premier concert destinations, not just in New York, but in  America. Throughout the year as more events are announced, there’s sure to be additions to this list. So for those looking to catch a show at one of the fastest-growing live music destinations, Barclays Center should be at the top of your list.

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