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Report: New York Knicks Offered Phil Jackson Head Coaching Job


It was reported by today that the New York Knicks met with Phil Jackson about “the possibility of Jackson becoming the team’s next coach”. Jackson, shockingly, declined.

There is no chance that current head coach Mike Woodson will be returning for next season (at least logically, but with Jim Dolan at the helm who knows) so the fact that the Knicks are out searching for their next head coach should come as no surprise to anyone.

What surprised me is that they would even offer the job to Jackson.

Sure, he would be right at the top of the list of coaches you would want to coach your team, but there was no chance that he would consider taking the Knicks job, none. A 68 year old man that has coached 11 championship teams in the past 25 years does not need to take on rebuilding projects, it would only hurt his reputation. Jackson has a resume that allows him to take on any job he chooses, not be relegated to watching over a team that is 22-40 and could be losing its best player in the off season if Carmelo Anthony decides to opt out. You are not going to find any established coach to fill that role, let alone one as decorated as Phil Jackson.

I take the team talking to Phil Jackson as an insult to the fan base. You bring in Phil Jackson to win championships. No fan in their right mind believes he’s an attainable answer to the head coaching vacancy and no fan thinks this team is near championship contention. Even if he did miraculously agree to become the next head coach of the team, how long would he coach for? Could the Knicks become a true contender within that window? I don’t think so.

This organization needs to start looking for realistic solutions to their problems in the long term, both on the court and in the front office.



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