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New York Jets: Good Idea to Pursue Michael Vick?

The knock on Michael Vick at this stage of his career is that he’s washed up and doesn’t have much left in the tank. Opinions are split but apparently, the Jets don’t think so and there is a possibility the soon-to-be 34-year old Vick is brought into New York.

Current quarterback Geno Smith needs to takes huge leaps in his sophomore season and having a seasoned veteran who could legitimately take his job may be the type of competition he needs. Vick is no longer a top QB but I don’t believe he couldn’t be serviceable if healthy with freshly acquired talent around him.

Hopefully, that never matters. If it goes the Jets’ way, Smith will win the job and Vick could serve as a mentor. As someone who’s seen both success and failure, maybe the embattled Vick takes Geno under his wing. And if Geno indeed does have the starting job, Vick is a more than viable backup option.

One wouldn’t expect to have a positive reaction to this considering everything Michael Vick has gone through but it’s not surprising to hear Vick would be an option for John Idzik and the Jets. I even found myself thinking this would be a bad idea originally but have since come around.

Vick has a grasp of Marty Mornhinweg’s system after playing in it his first four seasons in Philadelphia. He has a ton of miles on him but can still play enough to push Smith and hopefully bring the best out of the Jets’ quarterback. Smith also happens to be a mobile QB—not nearly as mobile as Vick in his prime but more so than others. Similar style, similar offense and a veteran mentor for Geno? I’ll take it on a one-year deal.

The worst case scenario is that Geno under performs or gets injured and Vick has to start for gang green. Even that though, isn’t as bad as it could be considering familiarity and other QBs available. New York likely won’t draft one early on, so it’ll be up to Geno to cement his name in the job this season. For the right price, Vick can serve as the motivator, teacher and backup option.

If they decide go another way, that will be fine as long as Idzik brings in legit competition. However, what you look for in a backup quarterback could be Michael Vick for the Jets. If if actually happens, we’ll be sure to look deeper at Rex Ryan, who will be making the ultimate decision on a Jet starter.

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