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Andrew Bailey could Turn Out Good for the Yankees

A few days ago the New York Yankees signed 29 year old Andrew Bailey to a minor-league deal worth 2.5 million and includes a 2015 option and buyout as well as incentives. Bailey formerly played for Oakland from 2009 – 2011 and Boston the past two seasons.  Bailey should be a good addition to the bullpen, will come in handy for an 8th inning role but the Yankees will have to keep an eye on Bailey’s health.

The past two seasons with the Red Soxs, Bailey was limited to only 49 appearances because of injuries.  A minor positive to take into play is that even though Bailey only played in 49 games over the last two seasons, he went 3 – 1 last season with a 3.77 ERA. That may not be as low as his first 2 seasons in the MLB when his ERA was 1.84 and 1.47 but considering his ERA was a 7.04 in 2012, I would consider that a big improvement.

The thing is that even though Bailey’s stats aren’t impressive at all and he’s coming off of shoulder surgery this isn’t a big risk for the Yankees. This is only a 1 year deal with an option for 2015, and even though Bailey will not be able to help out in till half way thru the season, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said to

“He’s reporting to the trainers. I’d say look to August or September for him to potentially help the major league club at all.”

Bailey is expected to start pitching again in the minors in July but according to when asked said

“There’s really no timetable for this kind of thing…I’m not going to rush it. I’m going to do it right. The prototypical response is that it’s a 12-month rehab and I’m seven months in, so you can take that and run with it.”

If Bailey is able to complete his rehab and get back into his regular pitching form, he could be seen as a big impact for the bullpen during the final stretch and could be a great closer replacement in case Robertson isn’t able to handle the closing position. Expect Baily to be a late inning pitcher.

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