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Free Agent Big Men The Knicks Could Bring In


After last night’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson stated that he thought the team could use another big bosy due to the absence of Andrea Bargnani and Kenyon Martin, who are both sidelined by injuries. It is a similar set of circumstances that lead the Brooklyn Nets to signing Jason Collins to a ten day contract.

Scouring the NBA’s current free agent scrap heap doesn’t reveal a lot of quality options (if they were quality players they’d be on a team already), but there are a few veterans with decent resumes that the Knicks could give a look to.

  • Drew Gooden, 32 years old, last played for the Milwaukee Bucks: Gooden has had a decent pro career and if he fails to sign a 10 day contract with the Washington Wizards, as it has been reported he is close to doing, he would be my first choice to fill the void in the front court for the Knicks. Gooden played 26 minutes per game for the Bucks just two seasons ago and averages over 11 points, 7 rebounds and .65 blocks per game for his career.
  • Chris Wilcox, 31 years old, last played for the Boston Celtics: Wilcox would be the Knicks next best option in my opinion. The 6’10” Wilcox does not have a the career stats that Gooden has amassed but he has been a solid bench player in the league for many years, averaging  more than 13 minutes per game for the past 10 seasons. He averages just under 5 rebounds and just over 8 points a game for his career.
  • Jared Jeffries, 32 years old, last played for the Portland Trail Blazers: Jeffries has Knicks connections and if need be he could find himself as a fallback option for the club. He has played for the Knicks in parts of 6 of his 11 NBA seasons. The organization would know exactly what to expect from Jefferies and vice versa. He’s not an attractive option to me, but could likely be a target due to his familiarity with the club.

I know that the importing of any of these players will not change the direction of this team now or in the future, but they are in need of a body on the front line and sadly, these ae likely the best options the team has to plug that hole for a short time until their players recover from injury.



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