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Predicting Mets and Yankees Win Totals for 2014


It should be the goal of every team to improve their squad from the previous year, when it comes to the New York baseball teams I believe that one has done so, albeit only slightly, and the other has certainly spent in such a way that would lead you to believe they have improved dramatically, although I’m not so sure that is the case. A pretty simple way to determine whether or not the general public, not the very biased local media (and fake outlets for that matter) think about the teams is to check the betting lines.

The Mets, who were the team I thought improved slightly from last year are projected to win just 71.5 games this year according to the Atlantis Casino Reno (via To me this figure is low, not dramatically low, but low nonetheless. That total would be the Mets lowest win total since their 70-92 campaign in 2009, I am forced to believe that this team will be better than that incarnation of the Mets. A team that only had Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey break ten wins (13 and 10 respectively) and whose leading home run hitter was Daniel Murphy, with 12. Last years Mets won 74 games, with the additions of Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon I’d expect a slight improvement from the Orange and Blue.

Prediction: 77-85,

Then there’s the Yankees. The Yanks spent over a half a billion dollars this offseason to improve their team, but I find it hard to beleive that a team that loses its best player, Robinson Cano, and the greatest closer in the history of baseball in Mariano Rivera can improve all that much. They did upgrade behind the plate with Brian McCann, bring in pricy outfield help in Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran and land the most coveted pitcher on the market in Masahiro Tanaka but every one of those moves have questions marks attached, whether Yankee fans want to hear it or not. The Atlantis Casino was obviously not too impressed by the spending spree because they project the Yanks to win 83.5 games this year, a year after they won 85 without the services of Mark Texiera, Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter for the bulk of the season. If the Yankees can avoid the injury bug this year they’ll easily go over the 83.5, but that’s a huge if.

Projection: 86-76

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  • William
  • William
    I pasted this link to show how absurd your prediction is of the Yanks. The Yankees led ALL of MLB with 1190 injury days for the offense. The line-up was totally decimated, destroyed on some occasions. I don’t understand your thinking. To predict the same record more or less after; 1. Robertson is no Mo but his numbers last year were better than Mo’s. 2. Healthy Jeter, healthy, Texiera healthy, a tremendous outfielder (Ellsbury), McCann a tremendous catcher, Soriano, a bench with Ichiro,I am tiring of this etc. Tanaka etc. Come on! Please! can you answer my objections to your assertions?

    • James McDermott

      87 wins might find them in the playoffs, I was unaware that being a playoff team is an insult. This is an old team with major health concerns, I said if they stayed healthy they would well exceed 83 wins, but I dont think they’ll stay completely healthy. Beltran, Ellsbury, Jeter, Tex and Roberts all have injury histories and it’s crazy to think none of them will get hurt this year.

  • Noah Weintraub

    I am a Yankees’ fan and I think this is a fair prediction. Even if you take away all of the age concerns, there are still two others. Tanaka has never pitched in the Majors before, so he could perform somewhere between Kei Igawa and Yu Darvish. Pineda has not pitched since 2011 and that was with Seattle. Yankee Stadium is much more of a hitter’s ballpark, so he could struggle. They will get somewhere between 85 and 95 wins.

  • Jimmy DeMarco

    Here’s my issue with this article.
    You start with the Mets and say they’ll be slightly better with the additions of Colon and Granderson, which I definitely liked the moves. Yet, nothing about adding Chris Young, who’s a walking DL stint waiting to happen, they didn’t address their first base situation, which is a joke with Ike and Duda, and mention nothing about the fact that they don’t have their best pitcher for the entire season. Nor do you mention that Granderson and Wright are coming off injury seasons.
    But with the Yankees, it’s all about what ifs and injuries.

    And please explain to me what the relevance of Santana and Pelfrey have on this article? Neither pitched for the Mets last year.

    • James McDermott

      I didn’t address the first base situation because it is the same as last year and I expect the results from that postion to be the same as last year, that’s a wash. I don’t think Chris Young will make an impact either so I didn’t feel the need to include him because his replacement will be Eric Young JR. who was on the roster last season. The same goes for Wright, if he stays healthy thats a huge plus, if not it’s a wash at third from last season. The only upgrades are Grandy, who I think will be healthy because he had flukey injuries, and Colon.

      The relevance is that the last time the Mets won as few games as they are predicted to win this year those were the Mets two best pitchers.

      The Yanks are ‘what if’s and injuries’ because their comprised of older players with multiple injury concerns.

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