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NFL Mock Draft: Giants

As a Fansided site we are participating in a ongoing 2014 NFL Mock Draft with some of the Local and NFL sites of Fansided. You can follow the ongoing draft here ( to see all of the picks leading to our selection below. Follow along as we complete all 32 teams First Round Picks.

Greg Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Auburn University. The Giants select Greg Robinson with the twelfth pick in the FanSided Mock Draft. Robinson will step in an fill a tremendous need for the Giants along their offensive line. Obviously if somehow Jake Matthews, Offensive Tackle from Texas A&M, would have fallen to 12 the Giants would have been thrilled to have him,  but I think Robinson is going to be a solid pro. Robinson will likely step in and take the starting right tackle job with the Giants offensive line in a state of rebuild with the likely departures of David Diehl and David Baas, underperformance from Will Beatty and decline of the Chris Snee. Robinson is a big man, 6’5″ 320 lbs., who projects as a solid run blocker will all the physical gifts to become an effective pass protector as well. The knock on Robinson is that he does not have much experience, only becoming a lineman as a junior in High School and only playing two years of college ball, but with good coaching and experience he should become a very good player.

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Absolutely outstanding pick!! If only he would be there at 12… not highly likely, but we’ve watched talent drop before. Could happen with a run on QBs, a few LBs, WR… could happen.

    • James McDermott

      With the quarterback class this year and the need of the top picks to get franchise QB’s I think there’s a chance he could be there. I was glad he was there at 12 in this fake draft, made this fake job very easy.