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J.R. Smith Could Be In Trouble For Shoe Gaffe

He may have been trying to be helpful, he may have been trying to be funny. He may have found his way into some completely unnecessary trouble.

Apparently untying the shoe of an opponent during foul shots is a big no-no as the NBA is investigating J.R. Smith for allegedly (I should say that for legal purposes) untying Shawn Marion’s shoe in just such a situation. It is worth noting that no player has ever been disciplined for anything like this, but how many times has this scenario played out?

Shoe-Gate, as I am deeming it, is a much bigger deal than it may seem, not because the transgression really deserves any attention whatsoever, but because it was J.R. As it was highlighted earlier, J.R.’s performance has been dreadful this season prompting some to call for a reduction in the NBA’s reigning sixth man of the year’s playing time. This type of action only solidifies those cries.

People are far more forgiving of, and are far more willing to turn a blind eye to, foolish behavior when you are productive and when your team is winning. When you do something like this one game after jacking up an ill advised shot with the game on the line the previous game, you get absolutely no forgiveness from the fan-base.

When Manny Ramirez was crushing homers out of Fenway Park “Manny being Manny” was a humorous sideshow to the games themselves, when he stopped producing he found himself in Hollywood very quickly batting for the Dodgers (which is exactly what he wanted, but that’s neither here nor there). If J.R. isn’t careful he will suffer the same fate. It was all fun and games last season when J.R. went on inappropriate twitter rants because he was producing and the team was winning, now he may find himself in the doghouse, or the out house, because he couldn’t resist the urge to play a prank mid-game.

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