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6 Things the New York Giants Should Do This Offseason

With the Giants season wrapping up and the holiday season upon us, I am compiling my wish list for the New York Giants off-season. So with Jerry Reece playing the role of Santa Claus, I am asking for a six-pack this Christmas from the Giants organization; a six-pack of moves. Here we go:

1- You MUST retain Jon Beason. Since the Giants acquired the middle linebacker from the Carolina Panthers this has been a completely different defense.It is truly amazing what having a “quarterback” on the other side of the ball playing middle linebacker does for the entire unit and Beason has been just that. The Giants can not afford to lose him.

2- Protect Eli Manning. They must improve the play of the offensive line either through free agency or in the draft. The level of play the Giants have received from their blockers has been unacceptable. I do not blame them for the play of Manning, but they aren’t helping either. It can not be ignored that this unit has been decimated by injuries, but that is no excuse. This is the team’s most pressing need that must be filled from outside of the organization.

3- Improve the secondary. This team needs to find a solid corner back either via free agency or the draft as well. They simply do not get the job done on the outside in coverage. Prince Amukamara has played slightly better this season than last but he is not a number one corner in this league. I know elite corners are tough to come by, but with the defensive line not getting the pressure they used to, the outside guys need to step up.

4- Let Hakeem Nicks walk. I am a huge fan of Nicks but he is not producing on the field. Unless the Giants could sign him for next to nothing I wouldn’t bring him back into the fold. I have a feeling someone will take a risk and give Nicks a big offer this offseason with the hopes that this year was an aberration, but in my opinion the Giants would be foolish to to get into any type of bidding war for his services. Ruben Randle has played very well this year and I think he’s ready to take another step next year.

5- Get a new Tight End. The Giants are just not getting the production at the tight end position that Giants fans have become accustomed to in the past 10 years. The Giants have been solid at the tight end position consistently during the past decade going from Jeremy Shockey to Kevin Boss to Jake Ballard. Eli has shown that he likes to throw to his tight ends and use them basically as his safety net, and the team must bring in someone who can fill that role. I thought before this season that the signing of Brandon Myers was going to be an excellent addition, but it has turned out to be far from it.

6- Fire the coordinators. This team needs a coaching change, and I’m not talking about Tom Coughlin. I think the team should retain Coughlin but bring in new coordinators under him. I don’t think this team performed to it’s maximum potential this season on either side of the ball and that blame has to fall on the coaching staff. To be perfectly honest the only reason I give Coughlin a pass and would want new coaches under him is because I really like Tom Coughlin and I’ve never been a fan of either of these coordinators. I would like to see some fresh faces in those positions going into next season.

Feel free to tell me what your Giants holiday wish list would look like. Or feel free to tell me why my list is wrong. Happy Holidays all.

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Nice article. I can’t resist amplifying your #2 and #6. First, it’s not draft OR free agency, but both must be aggressively engaged to fix this line. Even though JR just drafted a linemen #1 this year, and Nicks is departing without a #1 WR replacement, JR ought to grab Cyrus Kouandjio if he’s there. If he’s gone, then maybe Taylor Lewan or Cameron Erving but that may be too high a pick for them… JR will know more after the combine. But that’s not nearly enough. Go get Alex Mack from Cleveland. Then, cut $nee, Baas, and Diehl to free up a ton of cap. Eli behind Beatty-Boothe-Mack-Pugh-Kouandjio goes a long way to fixing that line, and their backups Brewer, Mosley, Cordle have accumulated a descent amount of regular season game reps. Then if Coach Pope could work his magic and turn either Robinson at 6-4 264 or Donnell at 6-6 269 into a serviceable receiver like Jake Ballard who can lay a block like Martellus Bennett, the line would be good to go (although I do agree with #5 if neither of those guys just can figure it out). As for #6 tossing Gilbride, I’m good with that. But I’m not so sure about Fewell. His defense’s numbers must be considered within the context of Gilbride’s horrid offense not being able to convert on 3rd down, having putrid ball security, and dismal green zone production. As long as JR can do your #1 (and I’d add Rolle to that call to retain Beason, because his performance has been very good this year, and he’s the vocal captain of that defense) and #3, I’m good with him staying another year.

    • James McDermott

      I think Antrel Rolle’s contract keeps him here through next season ort I would have included him with Beason at number 1. I am a huge fan of what Antrel Does for this team both on the field and in the locker room.

      I incluse Perry Fewell in the casualties because he simply does not get ough out of the defensive line. It’s as simple as that. He also seems to be unable to develop a linebacker (which adds to the need to keep Beason who came from outside the organization).

      I have no doubt that Baas and Diehl,will be gone. It would be bittersweet to see Snee and Diehl leave. Both were terrific players in their day. I have a feeling that they will bring Snee back for less money though.

  • Joseph Bulger

    Ok… so after last night’s game I’m now concerned that Beatty isn’t going to get it done at LT against the better DEs. The Gmen will pick somewhere between 9th and 15th, and Lewan, Robinson, Erving or Kouandjio will certainly be there to challenge Beatty for the LT job. Eli must have blind side protection. The loser moves to RT or RG, with Pugh occupying one or the other. Even more importantly, JR absolutely must land FA Alex Mack to replace Glass Baas at Center. With Brewer, Mosley and Cordle battling Boothe for the LG job, that solid O-line will have good depth and translate into a big year for Eli and 2012 1st round pick David Wilson, who won’t last the 2014 season trying to power through holes that the O-line doesn’t open up. Lewan-Boothe-Mack-Pugh-Beatty with Donnell starting at TE… I couldn’t believe it when Robinson when down last night on the first play. That “JPP of TEs” is just snake bit.

  • Johnnie Q Wilson

    Agree with it all expect NICKs…….He has too much talent and ELI needs someone to cover for his mistakes once in awhile….Nicks is a number 1 receiver and to get back to the superbowl within the next 3 Eli years we need Nicks…..

    • James McDermott

      I don’t think the price will be right for the Giants to bring him back. I like Hakeem Nicks a lot and would hate to see him go, but I think the business side will not make that a possibility.