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Knicks Opt To Not Wear Orange

The Knicks have opted to forgo wearing their (beautiful) new orange weekend jersey tonight against the Atlanta Hawks at Madison Square Garden. They are citing their 0-6 record while wearing them to justify the decision.

Well folks, this is the definition of a team being so delusional and desperate that they start blaming their garments for their poor performance rather than the culprits themselves. It’s not the jerseys, which, for the record, I think are really nice, it’s the guys wearing them and the man directing them from the sidelines.

It must be the jerseys that prevented this team from playing any semblance of defense during those games. In the 6 games in which the Knicks have worn the new unis they have allowed an average of 106.3 points. They allowed 100+ points in all but one of the games, a 82-81 defeat to the Chicago Bulls, and have held their opponents to under 50% shooting from the field in only 3 of those games and never under 40%. They allowed the Atlanta Hawks to shoot a staggering 56.4% from the floor as a team while wearing the haunted jerseys.

The jersey does not just hinder the team on the defensive end of the floor either, they also prove to have a big influence on the offensive abilities of the players who wear them. When the Knicks wear too much orange they apparently can’t shoot or score. The orange jerseys held the team under 45% shooting in every single one of those games. The jerseys also held the team to just 88.7 points per game, and only permitted the team to eclipse 100 points only one time, a 109-100 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

These orange jerseys are a curse! Burn them all! Let’s forget that the team is 4 games under .500 in the other jerseys as well.

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  • Jason.A.

    Relax, its because the hawks wear red for away games

  • James McDermott

    I revoke this entire article. It worked. They won the game. Nice job by the Knicks.

  • Jd

    Other than the Jets, is there another more delusional franchise than the Knicks? At least the Islanders and the Mets know they suck & know when it’s time for change.
    A team who is financially strapped until at least 2016, is lacking talent in order to compete for an NBA title and unwilling to trade Melo in order to build this franchise back up, deserves to lose.

    How can a fan base take a team serious who gives a max contract to a guy with 2 bad knees and plays less defense than the Dallas Cowboys. Then, trades for Melo, who is exactly the same player as Stoudemire, except healthier & smaller. Then they sign Bargnani, another guy who plays no defense and Is a jump shooter, who seemingly is afraid to take a shot in a big spot.

    The Knicks are a team full of jump shooters who can’t make shots, BRILLIANT. But let’s not even entertain trading Melo for 3 or 4 good young players and possibly even getting a couple draft picks. Nah, let’s keep Melo because, well, I don’t even know why.
    Because people have this fascination with Melo winning a championship on his own. I don’t even know wtf that means.
    There never has been, nor will there ever be a guy to win a championship on his own. Especially a guy who doesn’t play defense.

    But hey , instead of actually talking how to improve this team by using common sense, let’s talk about winning a game because of their Jersey colors.

    Glad I root for a team who is falling back into mediocrity as opposed to actually making good decisions to get this team back to contenders. And please don’t give me the, we’re missing Chandler as a reason.

    Maybe one day Dolan and the Knicks will get It. And the 40 + year drought of winning a title can come to an end.