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Mets Roster Taking Shape

With the additions of Chris Young, Curtis Granderson, and Bartolo Colon the Mets opening day roster is slowly coming into focus. All that’s left to decide is the shortstop and first base situation, that is, if we assume that Daniel Murphy stays put–which would be ideal.

The obvious options at short remain sticking with Ruben Tejada or holding out for Stephen Drew, but it’s possible that Ike Davis could be dealt for someone under the radar to fill that role. Davis, however, has been rumored in deals that would, interestingly enough, return young controllable pitching, like the Brewers’ Tyler Thornburg. If that’s what happens we’ll likely see a platoon at first between Duda and Satin, which would be tolerable if shortstop is addressed adequately.

The much needed jolt that the offseason has been thus far for the jaded and cynical Mets fan base would be complete with a Stephen Drew signing. It is safe to say that every fan would survive–even thrive–if Ruben Tejada never cleated up for the Mets again, but if he were replaced by a legitimate major league shortstop like Drew this is what the Mets opening day lineup would look like:

1) Stephen Drew SS

2) Daniel Murphy 2B

3) David Wright 3B

4) Curtis Granderson LF

5) Chris Young RF

6) Lucas Duda/Josh Satin 1B

7) Travis D’arnaud C

8) Juan Lagares CF

9) Wheeler, Niese, Gee, Colon, Mejia SP

I don’t know about you guys, but to me that would be the most professional lineup the Mets have trotted out in years. Sure there are some warts (e.g. potentially high strikeout rates in the middle of the order) and even some relative unknowns (e.g. D’arnaud, Lagares, and Chris Young), but there is no questioning that this is a balanced lineup with power and speed. If nothing else, the Mets should display excellent defense–particularly in the outfield, which has three quality center fielders on patrol–and be fun to watch.

There’s still much to be done in the way of championship team building, but fans should be pleased with the spending they’ve seen so far. In my opinion, shortstop is the key factor in determining whether this team can think about a wild card spot right now–yes, right now, without Harvey.

Let’s just hope the money well doesn’t run dry just yet.

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