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Jets Should Look Into Robert Griffin III

I’m not exaclty sure what to make of the demotion of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. I don’t know if it is an organizational decison to shut down a guy who they believe is a future franchise cornerstone, or if it is a power play by a desperate coach in Mike Shanahan, or if it means the team has given up on their highly touted second year QB. I doubt that a team would give up on a guy with as much promise as Griffin showed last season. If I am Jets General Manager John Idzik, when the season ends, I am going to to investigate this situation.

It is no secret that the Jets have not had what you would consider a franchise passer in a generation, and that position is a glaring weaknees again this season. Given what he was able to do last season I think RG III could be a franchise quarterback.

I am not suggesting that the addition of RG III would catapult the Jets into Super Bowl contention immediately, but if a player of his caliber is even thought to be available Idzik must, at the very least, be on the phone inquiring. If he fails to at least kick the tires on Griffin he is failing to do his job.

If Griffin turns out to be available the Jets must pursue him. There’s only so far you should be willing to go on a QB who already has injury issues, but if the price is within reason he would be a tremendous upgrade at the most important position on the field. He would go a long way towards providing some credibility to a Jets offense which has been anemic most of this season, to say the least.

So herein lies the debate; how far would you go if he is available? Let’s lay out this hypothetical situation (something all sports gfans love to do): Griffin is available, the Jets win one more game this season and finish 7-9, landing them somewhere in the middle of the first round of the draft, let’s say 14th for argument’s sake. Would you be willing to move that first round pick and a late rounder (5 th or 6th) for RG III? I know I would. Anything less than that package makes this deal a no-brainer, and anything more than that would give me pause given his injury history.

I know there’s a lot of college quarterbacks with big reputations out there in this year’s draft class. There will likely be one of those QBs avaialble at 14, but that is an unproven commodity. You know that Griffin can get it done at this level.

His availability is a big ‘if’ right now. If I had to guess I’d say RG III is going nowhere,  but John Idzik must at least ask the question.

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