Terry Collins Says New Met Curtis Granderson Will Bat Fourth

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Today at Major League Baseball’s annual winter meetings New York Mets manager Terry Collins declared that Curtis Granderson, the newly acquired Mets outfielder will bat cleanup in the upcoming season, followed in the lineup by either the Mets first baseman or the Mets other free agent pickup Chris Young. Mets fans, this is horrible news.

It is not horrible news that Granderson will bat cleanup, given the players the Mets have been rolling out in the 4th spot in the order in recent years, it is a tremendous upgrade. It’s not even horrible news that Chris Young, a man with a resume that includes a 30 home run campaign, will bat fifth. It is disturbing that Collins can say it in December.

I understand that Collins does not make the personnel decisions, that is the job of General Manager Sandy Alderson, but I am assuming that Collins is in the know when it comes to organizational decisions. There’s no way Terry Collins should know what his batting order is going to look like come April. To me this is an organizational admission that the team is done adding legitimate Major League level talent to the roster, something that is just not acceptable at this time, not before the winter meetings are even over. Mets fans will not, and should not, accept that this as the finished product of this off-season, there are still too many holes in this lineup that need to be plugged. Is the team improved from last season? Probably, but Mets fans have been sold on the premise that when the tremendous amount of money tied up in the contracts of Jason Bay and Johan Santana was freed up Alderson would re-invest it back into the product on the field. That time has come. If Alderson is done making Major League roster moves of note then he has lied to the fan base. Curtis Granderson and Chris Young do not even come close to making up the salary that is coming off the books and the very least Mets fans should accept is a payroll equal to last year’s squad that won just 74 games.

I must admit thus far I am pleased with the signings the Mets have made this off-season. The Chris Young signing is a low risk, one year deal with some potential to be a steal if Young can return to the form he had a few years ago, and the Granderson deal  provides the team with a stable, proven commodity. It’s a good start, but Sandy Alderson can’t be finished bringing in Major League players and expect the team to be drastically improved, but from what was implied by Collins’ statement, he is.


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  • Eric Kench

    He must be kidding. Garnderson is not consistent enough to be a cleanup hitter. That should be David Wrights spot in the lineup.

    • Bill

      I agree with the Mets that Wright’s best place is hitting third. He is not a classic clean-up hitter. While I understand that it would be nice if Granderson had more consistency, he certainly has the power to hit fourth.

      • Eric Kench

        He had the power in Yankee stadium to hit forth but not in Citifield.

        • James McDermott

          Remember that Grandy did hit homers in that huge ballpark in Detroit too. I don’t think he’s the ideal clean up guy by any stretch but Wright must bat third, he’s the best hitter on the team.

  • Bill

    Yea, i hear your point, but realistically what else can you expect? There is no way the Mets will get another hitter that is a true clean-up hitter – there are simply no more on the market or worth a trade. Their needs are (1) a shortstop – know any that hit cleanup? Tulowitzski . .not gonna come. . nobody else .. (2) starting pitching . .(3) lead-off hitter (4) clarity on first base, and again there is no first baseman out there that could be brought in that would be a better clean-up hitter than what is now on board. Arguably, Ike Davis is the best power hitting first baseman on the market at all. And please don’t mention Nelson Cruz – don’t need another low-average bad fielding outfielder, and even if they did have him they’d use Granderson in the 4-hole as a lefty.

    I am certainly not convinced that the Mets are through building for 2014, but they are most certainly through building in the power department.

    • Eric Kench

      Ike Davis is a worthless piece of trash. They should’ve let him walk.

    • James McDermott

      Well a guy like Trumbo would have looked great at first base for the
      Mets, but that’s clearly not an option anymore which is a shame because
      of the glaring need at first. Both Kemp and Ethier are apparently
      available for extra outfield help and a power bat in the middle of the
      lineup. I don’t expect miracles from Alderson but there’s guys out there
      that can help this team one way or another.

      • Bill

        I can’t agree with you on Trumbo, but no issues as he is off the board. I liked him about 3 years ago, but he is too one dimensional. I do like Ethier and submitted a few comments over the past 6 weeks to that effect, but I think that boat has sailed as they have other more pressing needs now. (see above comment). Kemp is just too expensive and his recent injury history and other issues are somewhat troubling. IF they can get a shortstop, a ‘good’ starting pitcher – (3 or 4 starter, not a half dozen guys to vie for the #5 slot), figure out 1st base and still have enough money and trading chips left for Ethier, go for it, but I suspect that is not the case. One other issue is that they don’t match up well with the Dodgers as trading partners – a creative three-way trade may be done – they certainly don’t need a first-baseman at this point.

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