Alex Rodriguez and the MLB: Sick of it Yet?


Is anybody in New York, or in the baseball world for that matter, tired of Alex Rodriguez and his antics yet?

Two days ago, Alex Rodriguez stormed out of the grievance hearing in Manhattan over his 211 game suspension saying he was “disgusted” with the process. Rodriguez reportedly stormed out after yelling and kicking a briefcase because Bud Selig would not be ordered to testify in his grievance hearings. The Rodriguez camp felt that this was unjust towards Alex but a major league baseball commissioner, as reported by the MLB themselves, has never testified in a grievance hearing before. “I am disgusted with this abusive process, designed to ensure that the player fails,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

We, as fans, know one thing is for certain; nobody is really coming to the aide of Rodriguez. No teammates, no colleagues, no front office executives, NOBODY! Alex has never really proclaimed his innocence of the Biogenisis scandal until two days because things were not going “his way”. We all understand that the legal system has to play its course, but when A-Rod was asked before about the scandal and his PED use, no response was given. A simple no would have sufficed for the time being, but remaining silent, unfortunately, in the world today, is a sign that people will feel that you are guilty of something.

Rodriguez went to WFAN 101.9 in New York after he stormed out of the meeting and then proclaimed he did not take PED’s and should not even have to serve one inning of that suspension.

One thing we do know is Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association wants PED’s out of baseball, and it seems they want cheaters to be gone along with them.

Out of all the players who were served with some type of suspension from the Biogenisis scandal, only Rodriguez exercised his right to appeal. Clearly, it is his right to do so, but how could he not know this would come with some type of three-ring circus from day one — including pitchers throwing pitches at him like Ryan Dempster did.

The Rodriguez camp said this hearing will more than likely be transferred to a federal court and we will not know the ultimate outcome until at least after the new year, but I believe everybody feels the same way about Alex Rodriguez: they are just plain tired of his acting and the circus he brings.

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