New York Giants vs Chicago Bears: Keys to Giants Victory



Unless you’ve been sleeping for two months, you probably know of the historically bad start for the New York Giants.  If you can honestly say you saw this coming I would like you to read my fortune.  With terrible line play and turnover problems, the Giants locker room seems to be growing more hostile.  There is no other coach I would rather have for the job than Tom Coughlin.  I believe on Thursday night the Giants turn it around for national television to see.

Being the only game on tomorrow can be either a good or bad situation.  If they win, I believe it will build some momentum that the G-men can ride to the end of the season.  On the other hand, if they suffer yet another loss, I believe you will see Big Blue pointing fingers after the game. 

There are no moral victories in this one — those we’ll leave for the Cowboys.

Keys to a Giants Victory

1. Get a Push

The offensive line for the Giants has been the worst I’ve seen in my young life.  No running holes and Eli peeling himself off the turf have become reccurring images in the first five weeks of the season.  If the offensive line can turn things around so can the offense.  There’s nothing pretty about line play, but without it you’re going to end up being 0-6.

2. Give Brandon Jacobs the Ball

The 31 year-old running back may not have a lot of pep in his step, but he will bring a lot of intensity.  I remember Jacobs running people over, fighting for the extra yard, and pumping up his teammates.  He needs to revisit those days tomorrow night for the Giants to see success.  The lack of a running game has allowed opposing teams to drop back six, seven, or eight in coverage and force turnovers.  If the Bears are able to do this tomorrow, they will score more points with their defense than our offense.  Jacobs is the X-factor in tomorrow’s game.

3. Get after Jay Cutler

The Giants D-line has been the staple of their success in recent years.  This year it is a source of their failure.  The linebackers and secondary have had to carry the load even though the d-line was supposed to Big Blue’s anchor.  Despite improvements, the Bears offensive line is still one of the worst in the league.  This is an opportunity for the defense to get back on track.  If they can post an early sack or at least pressure Cutler into throwing the ball away, the Giants can win the turnover battle with the Bears — which is going to decide the game.


Physicality is one thing Coughlin has preached throughout his coaching career.  The Giants need to come out and punch the Bears right in the face, figuratively of course.  They need to not only silence the crowd at Soldier Field, but also silence the critics that are popping out of nowhere.

Final Score: NYG 24, CHI 21

I believe the Giants piece themselves together, having a positive turnover ratio and playing with passion.  Eli Manning will keep them close and then put together one of his signature fourth quarter performances to improve the Giants to 1-5.


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