Mariano Rivera leaves lasting message at Fenway



Even though the Yankees could not escape Fenway Park with a single win this weekend, legendary closer Mariano Rivera, was able to, once again, leave his mark on the historic rivalry.

After being honored by the Boston Red Sox during a 15 minute pre-game ceremony at Fenway Park, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera made sure to leave one final contribution to the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry.

Perhaps it was because Mariano knows that it is very unlikely that he will ever toe the rubber at Fenway again.  Or perhaps as his final season draws to a close the 42 year old future hall-of-famer is just feeling a bit more nostalgic than usual.

Before exiting the Fenway Park bullpen Rivera made sure he would not be forgotten in Boston anytime soon.

Rivera took to the sharpie and inscribed a message on the visitors bullpen wall, which read:

Mariano Rivera – Last to wear #42 – Thank you for everything

When asked by reporters why he decided to leave the message, Rivera’s answer was simple.

“I was giving thanks,” Rivera said. “That’s it. I was thanking the guys in the bullpen for everything.”

Although he would not say it, I suspect a small part of this was simply a little bit of showmanship on Rivera’s part, as the closer knows that the now signed wall will become a part of Fenway Park’s historic lore for years to come.

Including playoffs, Rivera was 15-7 with 64 saves and a 2.59 ERA in 127 games against Boston in his 19-year career.

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